Kelly Construction Limited is a locally incorporated firm comprising of a group of highly experienced Civil Engineers and Geologists.

The firm specializes in Geotechnical Investigations, Foundation Testing, Grouting, Mineral exploration, Piling, Water supply, Borehole Drilling, Roads and Building works. 

Kelly Construction Limited registered offices are located at Kasarani Shopping Centre, Pazuri Place, 2nd Floor Suite 4

Registration Documents

Ministry of Roads in the following categories:

Gravelling Class G Kshs 25 -50 Million
Bridge Construction Class G Kshs  25 -50 Million
Labour Based Construction Class G Kshs 25- 50 Million
Routine Maintenance Class G Kshs 25 -50 Million

Ministry of Public Works in the following categories:

General Building Works Category ‘H’
Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Investigations) Category ‘H’                     

National Construction Authority in the following categories:

Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Investigations) Category ‘NCA5’
General Building Works Category ‘NCA5’
Roads and other Civil Works Category ‘NCA5’

Other registration documents:

Certificate of Incorporation
Income Tax PIN Certificate
Value Added Tax Certificate of Registration
Tax Compliance Certificate